About my family

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About my family

Post by naman98gupta on Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:41 pm

Family is an imporatant part in everyone's life .when you are in a family then you are attached in it physically,mentally,socially and emotionally. All of people who know me they know that I m always be serious about family to be united. As nowadays family members get seprated due to some landing matters ,,some money matters. But why elders didn't ever think about its effect on their small child who learns these unsual things at that age when they have to think really something more good than these matters,., I know how much these children suffer because I am also one of these children.i have seen my each elder family person to be fighting with each other for money. If money is so important for each of you then please stop forming new ones to be suffer and became dumb,.,,.
please prefer your child's future ,his emotions and his real requirements..

this note was for all those families who think that some amount of money and their sepration with other family members will make them stronger .that's may be true but later it became very dangerous for your child and for your also emotions....

THANKS FRIENDS . I think you all would understand what I wanted to explain to everyone....if you think you will be ok without your family ..,..then go and watch arrow(Tv series) ...and experience his feelings ....


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